Author: Nazareth Farm Administrator

Easter and the Cornerstones

On Sunday, we celebrated the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, accompanied by crowds who cheered and waved palm branches in celebration. By Good Friday, many of this same crowd would have been present, and were, perhaps, even among those who mocked Him, as He made His tortured way to Golgotha and His death on […]

The Woman at the Well

The Gospel reading for this Sunday is the famous story of Jesus meeting the woman at the well (John 4:5-42). In short, Jesus encounters a woman who many would consider to be an outcast, proves that he is the Messiah by telling her things a stranger would not have known about her, and she leaves […]

Entering the Upper Room

Whenever I encounter the Scriptures telling of Jesus and His disciples together in the Upper Room, my heart and mind automatically travel to the O’Connor Room at Nazareth Farm.  Wood grain walls, sunlight streaming in through the windows along with a gentle breeze, and a not-so-subtle reminder that we are truly on Holy Ground. I […]

Starting the Journey

Today, Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion, marks the beginning of Holy Week, as we journey with Jesus through Jerusalem, to Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and ultimately to the joy-filled Easter Sunday. While there are so many layers and key moments found within today’s Gospel, I am continually brought back to one theme: love. The […]

Nurture Your Faith

This week, the Gospel tells us that everyone who believes in Jesus will have eternal life, and whoever lives by the truth will come into the light, and Jesus will be watching. Sounds pretty straightforward enough, right? Not really. I believe that if I plant seeds and water them, a flower will grow. The reason […]


“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings while the dawn is still dark.”- Rabindranath Tagore I have never liked the dark. During the camping trips my family took when I was a child, as night came, I felt safe so long as I had the nearby hand or presence of one of […]


Although we are only in the second Sunday of Lent, Holy Mother Church has given us a wonderful and hopeful set of readings in this penitential season. For many of us who have done a service week at Nazareth Farm, the Gospel today will sound very familiar. The story of the Transfiguration is one that […]