Staff Members

Allyson Petry – Executive Director since April 2018

Allyson made the move back to the holler after a few years away. During that time, she ventured to Morgantown, WV to complete a Masters in Social Work, work at a free healthcare clinic, and become a real Mountaineer. Her dog Jasper also works diligently at the Farm, protecting the front yard from pests (aka cats) and soaking up the sun. She enjoys walks down the holler, watching the gardens, porch sitting with neighbors, and working for social justice in the best part of West Virginia!

Mike Black – Staff Member Since May 2018

If you ever have some time to lazily meander down the hollow some sunny summer afternoon at the Farm, be sure to gaze up at the sky. In the highest branches of the tallest trees, you might just be lucky enough to catch a rare spotting of the wild Mike Black in his natural habitat. Once spotted, he’ll likely dart down from the treetops and take off running down the hollow, as he is apt to do. Known for his speed, agility, and skills working on the trucks, the wild Mike Black is a great addition to the Nazareth Farm Staff. With his habitat now established in the woodland forest of Appalachia, Mike joins us from the concrete jungle of Long Island, New York, having spent some time in the frozen tundra of South Bend, Indiana. When he’s not scampering through the woods foraging for nuts, the wild Mike Black can often be found playing soccer, praying in the chapel, working in the wood shop, or leading the hike!

Julia Barcello – Staff Member since May 2019

Julia joins us from the hot sun and dry heat of southern Arizona. She can deal with the cold, having gone to school for geology in central New York, but it is still likely you’ll find her in a sweatshirt and pants if it’s below 70 degrees. Julia is a great addition to the Nazareth Farm team, and whether she’s leading prayer or leading a worksite you better believe she’s sporting a smile and having fun. Her true loves include painting, sitting around a bonfire, playing guitar, reading, and playing basketball. If she isn’t doing any of those then look for her enjoying the simple beauty of the sun, trees, and butterflies or gazing at the stars at night.

John Buttner – Staff Member since May 2019

If you ever find yourself near Syracuse, New York on a warm summer’s evening, listen closely and you’ll hear the low, echoing hum of John Buttner piloting his 1987 Honda Rebel 450 motorcycle down the road. John visited the Farm three times with Colgate University and has finally returned as a Staff member, bringing an affinity for cars and an endless supply of dad jokes with him. Make sure to as him about his love for chemistry, singing and beat boxing, or his days working in his uncle’s steel shop. In addition to being in charge of the lawns and small engine repair, John is always the first one to give a tour or jump at a chance to pray the rosary. On his days off, he can be found hiking, playing guitar behind his head or performing in the O’Connor room under his stage name: Big Bland.

Max Donnelly – Staff Member since June 2019

Max’s involvement with the Farm began when he and his fellow Creighton University Bluejays drove in for a week in 2017. Since then, his previous time as a Sojourner has proven he hasn’t been able to stay away from the Farm for too long. Following graduation, Max packed up his favorite work pants and Phi Delt t-shirts, said “See you later!” to his hometown of Des Moines, IA and settled in as a staff member! Along with welcoming volunteers home to the Farm and keeping them updated on their busy day-to-day schedules, Max works diligently to make sure groups are ready and set before they go spend a week in wild and wonderful West Virginia! During his days off, Max can be found knitting all kinds of soft goodies in the living room, playing volleyball, and going for runs through the beautiful hollow! Make sure to quote some of your favorite Vines with him and ask him for an easy hack to instantly become 10 times cooler on any worksite!

Diana Campos Loera – Staff Member since August 2019

From the Northern bay area of Santa Rosa, California you’ll meet the adventurous Chicana Diana. Learning about the Farm only from the internet, she dove right in to challenge herself to see what else she could offer somewhere new considering this is her third year of service since graduating from Hope College in Holland, Michigan as a first-generation graduate. She is proving to herself and to her eight younger siblings that anything is possible with hard work, patience, and a little bit of humor. If you ever find yourself in need of someone to talk to, craft with, sing Disney songs with or simply smile with, Diana will always be there! During her free time she loves to cook and clean, listen and dance to music, write poems, making cards, having conversations, or taking care of the animals on the Farm!

Adam Drill – Staff Member since September 2019

Adam is a retired professional ultimate Frisbee player looking to have fun on the Farm. He is spontaneous, carefree, and an animal lover, always searching for someone to pet Oscar and Ava with him. He enjoys short walks to the snack counter and gazing at the stars. He likes to think he’s musically talented and can be found pretending to play any of the various instruments around the Farm or snuggled up in the living room with a cup of tea and a good book!

Remy Shaffer Gomes, M.S. – Director of Development since July 2015

I joined the Nazareth Farm team as the Director of Development in the summer of 2015. This position enables me to ensure Nazareth Farm’s worthwhile mission continues to transform lives and hearts for many years to come. My first visit to Nazareth Farm created an auspicious start: I had a ‘birthday match’ on my actual birthday! I fell in love with Nazareth Farm, the mission, the setting, and the people while learning to install a tin roof. I feel privileged to support our great work and believe this role beautifully combines my personal beliefs and professional skills. I graduated with a degree in communications from the University of Maryland and a M.S. from Miami University in young adult development and leadership. I also bring several years of professional experience in development and external relations to my role at Nazareth Farm. I reside in Owings Mills, Maryland with my husband Casey and our son Bailey and daughter Eliana.