Nazareth Farm is located at this address but please also read notes below:

665 Nazareth Farm Rd.
Center Point, WV 26426

Note #1: Please also always have our written driving directions if you are going to put this address into your GPS. GPS and other map navigation programs often have difficulty giving correct directions for our local roads. We don’t want you to get lost!

Note #2: This is not our mailing address. You can find our mailing address on our contact information page.

Nazareth Farm

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Nazareth Farm 39.374900, -80.641385

Driving Directions

If your home city/region is not listed below, we suggest you search for directions to Center Point, WV, on Google Maps to get a recommended route for the major highways.  Then consult one of the below cities for our more detailed directions to the Center Point area.  Please note that GPS devices and map navigation websites often have difficulty giving correct directions for our local roads to Nazareth Farm, so always have our written directions handy as well. Clarksburg (coming from the east) is about 40-45 minutes away. Parkersburg (coming from the west) is about 1 hour and 15 minutes away.  Please call us when you reach these cities and we’ll know when to expect you.  Folks coming from the east will want to look for food as soon as you get off of 79 (either take 50 east and make a right on Emily Drive or take the first exit off of 50 to find food).* Please note that while our mailing address is in Salem, Nazareth Farm is NOT located in Salem.  Again, GPS navigation devices often have difficulty correctly navigating our local roads, so always consult our written directions. If you must use GPS, try entering Center Point, WV, instead of Salem.

Note to groups:  We will be looking for you between 7:00 and 8:00 pm Eastern on Sunday night.  Please arrive no sooner than 7 and no later than 8.  Thank you!

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