Service Retreats

Volunteer With Us and See Yourself Grow in Faith, Love, and Charity.

Nazareth Farm hosts weeklong service immersion retreats for high school, college, and adult volunteers all year. Once you arrive, Nazareth Farm staff and sojourners lead all the programming, plan and serve meals with you, and lead service opportunities in our community. 

Volunteers arrive Sunday evening and are given a tour and orientation to the Farm.  Monday morning we start bright and early with prayer, a tool-safety session, and breakfast followed by chores.  In the afternoon we discuss the history of the Farm and Catholic social teaching, followed by a hike to the highest point of our property.  Tuesday through Friday volunteers will engage in morning prayer, chores, and breakfast before dividing into work crews for the day, either working on the Farm or at home repair worksites led by our staff.  Those worksites are an opportunity for hands-on service, community building with fellow volunteers and community building with our homeowners.  In the evenings we may have a bonfire, open our woodshop, open our store, or have a discussion about our experiences throughout the week (depending on the weeknight).  Wednesday evenings we have “community night” where we pick up our community friends on our way home from the worksite so that we can share a meal and pray with them.

Beyond just our group weeks for high school and college students we also offer a few alternatives.  In May we invite families or individuals to join us for our Memorial Day Weekend which is less structured to meet the needs of the participants.  Families can register as a group for our Family Week in July – open to people of all ages and structured very similarly to our high school group weeks.  Every year during Holy Week we have special celebrations leading up to Easter, including homeowner visits, a foot washing on Holy Thursday, a late night chapel vigil Thursday night, a 10-mile hike on Good Friday, and a veneration of the cross prayer service Friday night.  Anyone who has been to the farm at any point is welcome to join us for that week.

The experience is molded around our four cornerstones of prayer, service, community, and simplicity.  All volunteers will have an opportunity to lead prayer, to use our bucket showers and outhouses, to let go of distractions and to grow in many other ways.  Expect a miracle!

If you are interested in joining us for a group week or to bring a group to the Farm, click on the group below that applies to you!

College Group
High School Groups
Family Week
Memorial Day Weekend
Holy Week

It would also be beneficial to give our Volunteer Coordinator a call at 304-782-2742.

For questions regarding group weeks and volunteering at Nazareth Farm email our Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].


Nazareth Farm is not a peanut-free environment. However, we will do our best to create a safe environment for participants with allergies. If you do have allergies, please contact us at [email protected] well before your trip so we can best prepare our facilities.


Cell phones do not receive service in the valley where Nazareth Farm is located. Volunteers and chaperones should not expect that they will be able to use cell phones while they are here. Nazareth Farm’s office phone number (304-782-2742) will be available in case of emergencies. Otherwise, please do not plan to contact participants during the retreat week to help create an immersive experience for