Family Week

General Information

Family Week is a group week that is specifically designed for families to come down to the Farm and work with our homeowners. Children and adults of all ages are invited and encouraged to come. You are also highly encouraged to check out the About Us and Resources sections to learn more about the Farm, Doddridge County, Appalachia, and many of the details about what a week at the Farm might look like.

Family Week 2021 has been cancelled due to the ongoing nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

After reviewing the CDC and ACA (American Camp Association) safety guidelines, we have determined that the Nazareth Farm property does not have the space and resources to safely open up our facilities to families for our retreat experience.

We take the safety of our volunteers, neighbors, and staff seriously, and want to make sure that we do not put any of our community members in harm’s way by opening back up prematurely.

Registration and Forms
  • Registration for Family Week 2022 will open at a later date than usual due to COVID-19.  If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator
    Phone: 304-782-2742
  • Volunteer Forms Click here.
  • Group Week Calendar Click here.

Before You Arrive

Allergy Information

Nazareth Farm is not a peanut-free environment. However, we will do our best to create a safe environment for participants with allergies. If you do have allergies, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at well before your trip so we can best prepare our facilities.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones do not receive service in the valley where Nazareth Farm is located. Volunteers and chaperones should not expect that they will be able to use cell phones while they are here. We expect chaperones and group leaders to collect cell phones prior to the group’s arrival. We have a lock box available to store cell phones in our office. Nazareth Farm’s office phone number (304-782-2742) will be available in case of emergencies. Otherwise, please do not plan to contact participants during the retreat week to help create an immersive experience for all.0