Holy Week

April 2- April 8, 2023

Holy Week is a unique experience for all those at the Farm. We spend three days at work sites and a day visiting our homeowners, celebrate a foot washing prayer, attend services at our parish, and take an 11-mile hike on Good Friday. (All are subject to change to ensure a safe environment in light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the CDC’s guidelines.) This week is reserved for returning volunteers because of the uniqueness of the retreat.

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Learn more about the service-retreat experience at Nazareth Farm.

Registering for Holy Week

    • Registration for 2023 is open! Register here
    • The cost is $50/day per person. When you register, please select the amount of days you are attending. Due to the unique nature of Holy Week, many people arrive Wednesday or Thursday. However, you are welcome to arrive Sunday evening and stay through Saturday morning.

COVID-19 Policy

Nazareth Farm, Inc. takes Covid-19 very seriously. We feel a responsibility to protect our community and continue with our mission and ministry in a responsible manner. This is especially important as our immediate community includes a newborn, his mom, and an immunocompromised individual, who are all at higher risk of becoming severely will with Covid-19, as well as plenty of at-risk individuals in our wider community. As part of our community, we expect you to be responsible and cautious in the days leading up to your group week, your travel to the farm, and your time with us.  We commit to following these same policies.

  1. Vaccination
    • All volunteers (ages 5+) are required to be fully vaccinated per CDC guidelines.This includes booster shots at this time.
  2. Testing
    • Volunteers are required to get a test (rapid, home antigen, or PCR), 24-48 hours before coming to Nazareth Farm. You should have the results of this test before you come to the farm. The only exception to this policy is volunteers who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 3 months , recovered, and show no new symptoms of Covid-19. More information about accessing testing can be found on the CDC website.
  3. Quarantining Before arrival and Masking
    • After you are tested for Covid-19, you should quarantine from everyone outside of your volunteer group. This means limiting social interaction to the greatest extent possible, and when absolutely necessary to be in a public space or around others, masking around everyone who is not on your trip. It also means not eating in public spaces, as you can’t wear a mask in this scenario. This includes dining halls, no matter what your university’s policy is. You should wear a high-quality mask, ideally a KN95 mask, or a surgical mask and a cloth mask together, to minimize your risk of infection. Read more from the CDC here.
  4. Traveling to Nazareth Farm
    • Your group should make as few stops as possible, for food and bathrooms, and always mask while inside stops. This means you should only eat food outside or in your car. Make sure to have hand sanitizer for your group.
  5. Symptomatic Individuals
    • If you show symptoms of Covid-19 leading up to your time at the farm, you likely won’t be able to participate in the group week. We wish it were different, but we need to make decisions that protect our community and homeowners. Even if you have a negative test it may be too soon to test positive, especially if you are vaccinated
    • If a volunteer or staff member becomes symptomatic during their time at the farm, they will be taken for testing at a local urgent care. They can be isolated from the rest of the group in our staff house while we await results. Depending on the situation, a volunteer and their group may be sent home. This decision will be at the discretion of the farm staff, and volunteers are expected to respect the decision we make.
Allergy Information

Nazareth Farm is not a peanut-free environment. However, we will do our best to create a safe environment for participants with allergies. If you do have allergies, please contact us at vcoordinator@nazarethfarm.org well before your trip so we can best prepare our facilities.

Cell Phone Policy

Cell phones do not receive service in the valley where Nazareth Farm is located. Volunteers and chaperones should not expect that they will be able to use cell phones while they are here. Nazareth Farm’s office phone number (304-782-2742) will be available in case of emergencies. Otherwise, please do not plan to contact participants during the retreat week to help create an immersive experience for all