Gestures of Care, Affection, and Prayer

 As my world finally slowed down this Easter season after the sudden sickness of my grandmother to myself being in a car accident, I had much to reflect on. I realized more than ever the sorrow and pain I held so close to the surface, but also of the power the resurrection has to bring in eternal hope and love. I recently remembered a prayer of St. Patrick, “Christ before me, Christ beside me, Christ within me, never to part,” and how having my community at the Farm during everything humbled me towards God even more. 

A line in Pope Francis’ Easter vigil summarized what I was privileged to be gifted in recognizing in my own life, “He plants in our hearts the conviction that God is able to make everything work unto good, because even from the grave he brings life.” This is because I know God gives me the strength to fight against temptations and freedom from unnecessary worries and fears. Also, that hope is not as far as I might think, I merely have to turn to God once more and offer it up. While this is something easier said than done at times, nevertheless it is something God challenges us to do. We need to work more fully and have God ever more present in our lives in the happiness and struggles. It’s okay to ask, ask again, and keep asking God until we see a change.

I am glad and thankful to have the privilege to work in a place I have called home for almost a year now, if only to make the most of this isolation. It’s in moments of getting to deep clean the places far down on my list to getting the chicken coop ready for our new chickens, it has been a blessing. Just the chance to slow down, be more present with one another, and to find creative ways to entertain ourselves without too much repetition. I can’t help but feel the honor and joy to be with all these wonderful people who make God so clear to see both in actions and the things unsaid. I will say it is entertaining to find different ways to live out both our mission and cornerstones in isolation. And realizing we enjoy cookies so much that if we could, we would definitely eat them all in a day. Just finding these small gestures of care, affection, and prayer for each other brings me joy.

So my hope is that care, affection, and prayer find everyone in small or big ways. And that you do them to those next to you. That God’s love and eternal hope be discovered or found again in beautifully surprising ways everyday. May we continually be persistent in prayer, simplicity, community, and service.

  • by Diana Campos Loera, current staff member at Nazareth Farm