Life can get a little bit tough

But it doesn’t mean that you should ever give up

God made you though enough

To get through all of your stuff

I know you might not see it now

But I promise you will get up off the ground

God will be cheering in the crowd

While you take your last and final bow

We have all rode horses with no saddles

We have all had to fall asleep to the sound of window rattles

But we have all survived

We have all been revived

Living for God we have strived

To keep going through the crazy messed up rides

I promise you don’t deserve it

But all of this, it has a purpose

Way deeper that that’s on the surface

You are always worth it

You are made in God’s eye

God is the one thing you can be sure is not a lie

Just take a look at the night sky

All the lights shining in the dark

Millions of lightyears away but still we can still see them

Without just one the sky would be darker

And they are way bigger that they look from here

This is what God sees when he looks down on us

He knows our weight which is way heavier than a body can handle

And He loves every single one of us

He counts us over and over

We are not contained within the limits of our body

Our body is contained within the limitlessness of our soul

Shaped by God

Each detail perfectly laid

Ever our hairs are numbered

You are perfect

And you have God’s love and strength on your side

So NEVER give up


—Liv, an August 2017 high school volunteer