A New Blog and a Year of Projects

Nazareth Farm is excited to launch our new blog that will appear here on our new website! This blog will be a place to share reflections, photos, your lyrics to “review of the day” songs, and whatever else you feel belongs on a Nazareth Farm blog. The staff will be writing and creating some content based on our own experiences of living out the four cornerstones year-round. We also invite all of you in our larger Nazareth Farm community to email at [email protected] with your own reflections, photos, or anything else that you think would be good for our blog,┬áso we can post it here for all to see.

This is also where we will be posting photos of our completed worksites so you can see the progress made since your volunteer week. Below is a photo gallery of just a few of our 40 projects that we’re thankful for completing in 2015. You can click on any of the photos below to scroll through the gallery.