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Home Repair Construction Coordinator

Construction Coordinator sought for Nazareth Farm. Our low-income home repair program serves local homeowners by utilizing week-long volunteers, led and supervised by our staff. The Construction Coordinator works to train full-time staff in work site management and coordinate the low-income home repair program, including client interaction, site assessment, project planning, implementation, and documentation. They are supervised by the Executive Director and will work closely with the Project Assistant and other staff. 

Requirements include three years of construction experience with a working knowledge of basic home building skills including framing, roofing, drywall, trim work, plumbing and electrical OR trade school education required along with a valid driver’s license and the ability to teach and supervise unskilled volunteers. Salary starts at $40K, negotiable based on skill, experience, and degree level. Benefits include health insurance, sick and vacation time, development opportunities, some meals, and knowledge you are helping others. Direct inquiries to Allyson at 304-782-2742 or email resume to [email protected].

This position is full-time in West Virginia. Room/board is a potential benefit.

Home Repair Construction Coordinator Job Description

Definition: Under the general direction and in collaboration with the Director, the Home Repair Construction Coordinator is responsible for staff development in home repair projects and general worksite coordination.

 Duties and Responsibilities

·         Assesses home repair project requests with the Director and Project Assistant

·         Recommends and prioritizes projects based on need and ability

·         Creates written plans and diagrams for selected projects including estimated costs, time, labor, and equipment needed for project completion

·         Instructs Nazareth Farm volunteer staff on skills and techniques for leading worksites

·         Monitors work sites through close contact with Nazareth Farm work site coordinators and homeowners/families

·         Ensures that high school and college volunteers are properly trained and given safety instructions

Nazareth Farm Property Maintenance

·         In conjunction with the Director, oversees property maintenance of Nazareth Farm buildings and grounds including day-to-day repairs, long-term planning, and safety needs

·         Sets priorities and deadlines for completion of Farm projects in a timely manner

·         Researches and purchases new tools and hardware (or solicits donors for these)

·         Oversees maintenance and repair of Farm tools and hardware

Materials & Supplies

·         Purchases and orders all materials and supplies for home repair projects

·         Oversees the efficient use of materials and supplies

·         Assists staff members in maintaining accurate inventory of project supplies so that clients can be billed



·      Administers proper safety standards through orientations for volunteers, staff, and homeowners at the Farm and at all worksites

·      Maintains documentation related to worksites with Project Assistant

·      Performs other construction tasks as assigned by the Director

Community and Public Relations

·         Maintains a good relationship with the Project Consultant, a local person who can advise on difficult construction matters

·         Works closely with the Director

·         Communicates with home owners on their project application, timeline, and any concerns

·         Is the contact person for local social service agencies requesting home repair help and maintains positive relationship with agency staff

·         Upholds standards and values as described in “Responsibilities of Community Members” in the Community Handbook

Minimum Qualifications:

·         Three years construction experience with a working knowledge of basic home building skills including framing, roofing, drywall, porches/ramps, and trim work.

o   Skill with plumbing, electrical, or related field is a plus but not required

·         Ability to coordinator up to 5 construction worksites at one time

·         Ability to effectively teach staff and volunteers with different learning styles

·         Strong leadership and organizational skills

o   Proficiency with Office Suite and computers

o   Knowledge of Sketch-Up (or something similar) and QuickBooks is a plus

·         Open to collaborative ministry with volunteers and the people of the area

·         Openness to prayer, simplicity, and community

 ·         Minimum of a two-year commitment with opportunities to renew contract