Other Retreat Opportunities

Here are some more ways for you to participate in a service-retreat at Nazareth Farm.

Family Week

July 24-30, 2016. Registration form and deposit due February 1 for priority registration.

Family Week is a group week that is specifically for families to come down to the Farm and work with our homeowners.  Children and adults of all ages are invited and encouraged to come.

Adult Week

November 5-9, 2015

Adult Week is a unique group week where we invite adults over 21 to experience a volunteer week.  This week is a great chance to come to the Farm for the first time, return after volunteering in high school or college, or if you heard about us from your younger days but never got the chance to visit.

Holy Week

Holy Week is a unique experience for all those at the Farm.  We spend three days at worksites, a day visiting our homeowners, celebrating a Seder Meal and taking a 10-mile hike on Good Friday.  This week is reserved for returning volunteers because of the uniqueness of the retreat.

All Comers Weekend

Enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend at Nazareth Farm during All Comers Weekend. During this weekend, there are opportunities for service, community visits, prayer, friendly faces, and more!

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